Your journey to personal liberation and empowerment begins now


Serenity Vibration Healing (SVH) is an incredibly powerful modality for healing on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level. At it’s core, SVH is a mental directive that empowers us to consciously create our most ideal lives with clarity and focus. SVH helps us to permanently clear the energetic debris of the past and to replace limiting imprints with those that support harmony and personal empowerment.

Researchers tell us that only 3% of our brain’s processing powers are conscious. This means that 97% of our daily reactions, responses and thought processes are created from our subconscious programming! This programming forms throughout our lives and is impacted by every experience we have including cultural programming, collective consciousness and through our genetic lineage.

If you think of the subconscious mind like a computer, it becomes obvious that we would want the programming to be running in optimal alignment with our goals and aspirations.

For example, many people have had less-than-ideal childhoods and impressions formed during those critical years can affect us on a deep level without us being aware of it.

Every negative experience that we have can leave impressions in our subconscious programming that continue to impact us throughout our lives. The tools and techniques of SVH clear away all that is limiting our smooth progression and support our journey to creating only those realities that are in alignment with our goals.

The Quantum Level Reprogramming techniques of SVH are revolutionary. They are one-of-a-kind tools that have been channeled from the Creator to assist us at this point of our evolution to higher consciousness. These tools offer permanent liberation from non-serving beliefs, patterns, and debilitating random inner dialogue.

As a teacher of SVH, my greatest desire is to empower others to be leaders in their own lives. The SVH tools help us to connect with our higher selves so we can receive guidance from the highest truth which can only be accessed from within.

This methodology is non-manipulative and it can only be used to create harmony and balance and to create scenarios that are in alignment with the highest ideal of the individuals involved.


“The outer conditions of a person’s life will always reflect their inner beliefs”.

-James Allen