I cannot say enough about how valuable and effective Serenity Vibration Healing has been and continues to be in my life. I have never felt so limitless and capable of so much! My work with boni has been the most life-changing experience I have ever embarked on. Her ability to hold space and to guide others through immense personal healing is such a gift. She is an incredibly inspiring, supportive and encouraging coach and mentor, and I am so grateful for the powerful shifts I have experienced and continue to experience in my life.
— Ania Lorenc | Reiki Practitioner and Business Owner

It has been said by the wise, “as we think so we become” and this still remains the truth. Serenity Vibration Healing offers very simple yet powerful techniques to help us stay focused on our goals and eliminate negative mind chatter. Our thoughts can be flooded with self-doubt and the SVH
tools help replace those doubts with positive intentions, which is so important to our personal success. Before learning the techniques of SVH, I found myself making statements in the negative, “just in case” things didn’t work out. Serenity helped turn that around so that my thoughts and
statements and vision remain positive toward my goals. The work boni did with our cat and dog, who were both struggling with their health, has made such a difference in the effectiveness of their medical treatment. It seems to have cleared the way so any treatment they have received since
has been more effective and long-lasting compared to if they had not had boni work with them in her loving and compassionate way. Now both pets seem like they will live forever, where before it was doubtful they would make it another year.
— Marion (Mugs) McConnell | Founder, South Okanagan Yoga Academy | Author, "Letters from the Yoga Masters"

Boni has a positive energy that is infectious and rare. She makes everyone around her feel free and light.
— Karima Neghmouche

Serenity Vibration Healing (SVH) is my favorite modality. I use it everyday for myself and anyone who needs good energy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everybody knew how to create ideal situations all the time? I love that SVH allows me to create a reality of ease, grace and harmony. I was on automatic and un-awake until 1992 and I allowed my environment and others to determine my quality of life. My personal experience with ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’ changed all that for me and I began a desperate search to save myself. My 4 children and husband depended on my survival. I saw many therapists and took a lot of courses. When I discovered energy healing I knew I had found my path. SVH wasn’t the first energy modality I found (there are many great ones) but it’s the one I now use everyday. It goes beyond space and time and works only with the highest of the high. To take charge of our lives the first question is always ‘How did I attract and allow this?’. SVH tools give us the ability to make deep changes and create the life we really want. There is no way to do harm with the SVH tools and I love that I can give clients and loved ones ‘Trigger’ words they can use to help themselves. It’s fast and easy but so profound! What I love about boni is her integrity and love. She has an amazing gift for you – reach out and take it! Drama and struggle don’t fit our world anymore – get yourself the best tools on this planet and start living a wonderful life!
— Jackie Sereda | Serenity Teacher/Practitioner