Private energy healing sessions:

 $185/hour | Available in person or through Zoom conference calling

In a one-on-one session, we will work together to address any areas that you are seeking healing in.  These can include such things as:

  • Emotional and physical healing

  • Release from limiting belief systems, old patterns, emotional baggage and subconscious programming

  • Removing blockages to attracting honouring relationships, abundant health, wealth and joy

  • Dramatically increasing your sense of self-worth, self empowerment and clarity

  • Heightening your intuition and ability to receive guidance from your Higher Self and spiritual team

You will receive actionable tools that you can start using immediately to create profound change and transform your reality from one of limitation to one of abundance and harmony.  These tools are extremely powerful, fast and graceful and will assist you to create a new reality that is in alignment with your divine purpose and sacred calling.

Serenity Vibration Healing Practitioner certification (Level One, Level One Mastery and Animal Healing) are also available in person or through Zoom conference calling.

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Level One Serenity Vibration Healing Certification


Course includes:

A minimum of 12 hours of training

Practitioner manual, supporting documents and homework

Clearing, Sheilding, Physical Support and Enlightenment Processes

Sacred Activations

Certification allowing you to teach the SVH tools to others

In Level One, you will learn the foundational concepts and techniques that will assist you to:

• Release non-serving beliefs and patterns

• Quiet debilitating random inner dialog

• Heal current and past-life traumas and emotional wounds

• Release vows, oaths and contracts from current and past-life events

• Clear anxieties, fears and phobias

• Cut energy cords from your past

• Attract honoring relationships

• Strengthen your connection with and ability to receive guidance from your Higher Self


Level One Mastery Certification


(Pre-requisite is successful completion of Level One).

This course expands on the concepts of the Level One tools and processes, helping you to become confident with the inner mechanisms of SVH.

Level One Mastery will assist you to:

• Foster your ability to direct thousands of meaningful life transforming directives with a single thought.

• Develop preset protocols that can be activated to instantly defuse volatile situations, enhance desired outcomes and lay the foundation for a new reality that fully supports your ideal outcome

• Create master files for deep healing and clearing on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies

• Gain access to specifically designed trigger processes which bring instant interventions to challenging situations

• Learn additional applications of the SVH tools and techniques for your personal expansion or to assist your family, friends and clients.

• Elevate your vibrational light quotient

• Awaken and activate your innate gifts


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Level One Mastery Animal Healing


(Pre-requisite is successful completion of Level One Mastery)

SVH Level 1 Mastery Animal Healing supports your ability to assist the wild and domesticated creatures of this world that are struggling to survive in environments where pollution, electromagnetic disturbance, deforestation and overpopulation have contaminated their homes and affected their ability to find food and clean water.

This class will assist you to restore an innate bond with nature that each of us is born with.

In this course of study, you are offered an opportunity to assist dolphins, whales and other marine life, as well as birds, horses, cats, dogs and farm animals. SVH can be utilized to assist every living creature. We address abandonment, physical and emotional trauma and issues sponsored by soul lineage and past life experiences. We also deal with abuse, cruelty, pollution and emotional distress.

The SVH Level 1 Master Practitioner Animal Healing tools help you to become a capable caregiver to animals that you are a guardian for, in addition to enhancing your animal healing practice. If you don't have a pet or an animal healing practice, you can still use the tools herein to support the wellbeing of animals everywhere.

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